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AIM-AHEAD Background and Seminal Publications

Articles focusing on diversity in STEM.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Working Group Update
    David Glazer , Lawrence A. Tabak
    December 2019

    Are there opportunities for cross-NIH effort in AI? How could these efforts reach broadly across biomedical topics and have positive effects across many diverse fields? [more]

  2. Report of the ACD AI WG
    December 2019

    Fusing Biomedicine and Machine Learning We live at the threshold of a new world of biomedicine, fueled by parallel revolutions in data generation and data analysis. In the life sciences, technologies ... [more]

  3. Artificial Intelligence - Opportunities in Cancer Research
    August 2020

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere: personal digital assistants answer our questions, robo-advisors trade stocks for us, and driverless cars will someday take us where we want to go. AI has pe... [more]