AI for Health Equity Symposium 2022

What? AIM-AHEAD Consortium is hosting the AI for Health Equity 2022 Virtual Symposium (AIHES2022), a national NIH-funded event featuring a conference, and workshop series.

Where? 100% Virtual; Follow the #AIHES2022 and #AIM_AHEAD hashtags!


  • Conference: June 28th and 29th from 10:00 am - 4 pm Central Time and a workforce development hour from 4pm - 5pm both days.
  • 4 Week Workshop Series: Starting the first week of July!  View Workshop Schedule

Who? Students (HS/undergrad/grad), community members, professionals including academia, industry, community organizations, and beyond.

How? 2-day virtual conference showcasing keynote speakers and subject matter experts in AI/ML health equity applications, and 4-weeks of exciting workshops led by professionals from academia and industry.

Why? This symposium is intended to raise awareness of AI development, applications, and use cases while sowing the seed for a future generation of AI professionals. We seek to further stimulate conversation on potential AI challenges, opportunities, and solutions.

The aim of this conference is to increase career opportunities and access to training/education in AI/ML for underrepresented groups and we strongly encourage participation from individuals and institutions who belong and serve to underrepresented groups. It is paramount that the discussion includes a diversity of voices and perspectives.

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The AIM-AHEAD coordinating center was established to enhance diversity in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), with emphasis on reducing health disparities and promoting health equity. We hope to achieve this by engaging in a fair, equitable, and transparent process of building a consortium of AI/ML to promote health equity and an inclusive and diverse workforce. Many communities have untapped potential to contribute new expertise, data, recruitment strategies, and cutting-edge science to the AI/ML field. AIM-AHEAD Coordinating Center seeks to increase participation and engagement through mutually beneficial partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and outreach to advance health equity.

Additional Information

The AIM-AHEAD Communities of Change Symposium is a 2-day virtual conference (June 28th and 29th) followed by a 4-week workshop series (begins the first week of July) intended to unite students, professionals, and practitioners to discuss cutting-edge technologies and the impact of utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in biomedicine and beyond. The purpose of the conference is to align on a shared knowledgebase of current applications of AI/ML and bioinformatics while raising awareness and tackling challenges with applications of AI/ML. The outcome of this conference and workshop series is actionable strategies designed to reduce bias and tackle other issues in AI/ML, specifically the effects on underrepresented groups when utilizing AI/M to drive decision-making.

Speakers, round table discussions, and panels will address topics in AI and Health Equity, including AI 101, public health, public policy, applications of AI/ML on biomedicine and beyond, and the ethics of these applications. Please join us as we spark a discussion with stakeholders from industry, academia, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), community stakeholders, healthcare providers & systems, the public, and MORE!


For questions or if you or your company is interested in getting involved in this exciting event, please contact the AIHES 2022 conference coordinator Tom Whitfield at

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